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"Belief is Trust & Trust is Faith" "Every Human Being find 'GOD' In Temple,Mosque,Church but 'He' is no-where.He is in between Only the service of mankind.Let's Find 'GOD' with help of the helpless People and make this Earth like as another heaven."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on General

Category: General

What is Navjivan Foundation?
Navjivan Foundation is formed on 16th September 2003, in Delhi, having received a registration on 09th March 2004 with Registration No.-7402/04. It is operated by a group of concerned individual who are willing to undertake, promote, assist, or aid in development programmers and in setting up camps for awareness, vocational guidance, relief work, welfare work, etc. In other words, for helping the under privileged, who are victims social, physical, economic, or any other from of abuse, in any way which can directly or indirectly benefit mankind.

How can I receive more information about Navjivan Foundation and its work?

Sign up for our electronic newsletter, Navjivan Foundation Currents to see updated information. Also, check our homepage, about us and mission in website. You may also subscribe to news of these two sections. Finally, you can also read about on Navjivan Foundation’s work on the above link.

What are the public grievances of Navjivan Foundation?

Public grievances is the major activity of the Navjivan Foundation and by its volunteers of this organization collect such across the country and after survey by them the reality of complainer it send to the concern ministries of the state or the center or both as the case may be and one copy send to the National/ State Human Rights Commission. If the case study related to legal service it sent to the National / State Legal Service Authority. If the case related to court the organization sent copies to the State High Court with the intimate to the Supreme Court Of India and in the same time two separate copies sent to the complainer and against the complain made. For the witness some copies send to the Indian media like as NDTV, Aajtak, India TV and Prasar Bharati with paper media like Hindustan Times and related papers with the local paper media on where the case generated. This is the formality of organization and purpose of these to aware about details on the knowledge the above all for taking correct and quick decision for the case. So these paths show the complainer on the related department his/her case continuing. In the International case organization sent the application under the same rule like national with intimating to the complainer and against complain made. Among the some copies one copy sent to Commission of Human Rights along with to the Prime Minister, President and Supreme Court or other Court or the related department according to that country and in India a copy send to that country’s embassy. In the mean timing same of the copies dispatch to the International Media like BBC and CNN and related media.

How Navjivan Foundation follow Human Rights?

There are thousands of issues and problems relating to violations of Human Rights and dignity which people are facing and are being unable to voice out their grievances. It is here that we feel that we can and we are making a difference in trying to help resolve these issues by way of awareness, guidance and actions. We would be glad to be able to help out any organization, which is interested and dedicated in working towards the common goals of uplifting of Human Rights, values and raising awareness in this region. Navjivan has great touch with different organization related to Human Rights all over the world. In India its has great touch with National/States Human Rights Commission.

What is Navjivan Foundation National Net Work? Navjivan Foundation network is a social structure made of individuals called strong volunteers, which are tied connected rural people rural to central Govt. The net work across country started since 2006 and contact made to all district collectors in the month of April. In this letter organization has requested to district collectors across the country to send the list of their local NGOs those are not black listed. Pur to reach in every villages in India. Social network analysis views social relationships in the society. The Navjivan Foundation net work help to provide the current news of the society or the people affected by problems and immediate send the letter to the department. For the proper facility and awareness is the main target of the net work and organization In India ties all central or state ministries, Supream court & state High courts, National & state Legal Rights, National & State Human Rights Commission, all state chief Ministers & Governors, Priminister & President of India with all district collectors in each district with the general people for the proper democracy . This organization rule like a lison in between the public and Govt. through its net work. The mission of this organization is directly the Govt. department reach near the general people and help to solve their problem.

What is Navjivan Foundation International National Net Work?

This organization has an International inter national net and it started from 2008 December and organization started to touch with the DPI related NGOs in the different part of world in seventy eight country with the individual the NRI of India. Before starting relation Navjivan Foundation has made the relation with the embassies in India. From our inter national net work world banks in different countries along with Belgium, Islamic banks and renounwed persons in the different part of World are not separate. Purpose to share with culture of different countries give awareness in different countries and if chance made for the service of those countries. Because we believe on human service without religion or caste etc, so our command for giving service to human society.

What is the franchise of Navjivan Foundation?

Navjivan Foundation gives Franchise to other organization if that need for the real development of society. We have two educational institutions under this system in one work for the youth development and another for the orphan. The meaning of franchise is different and analysis but in this place for the development of society the organization can give franchise to another organization with out ant law and justice. Because there is no law and justice for restrict the public development.

What are the camp activities of Navjivan Foundation?

Our members and volunteers , who come from various walks of life are very dedicated and have, in a short span of time, have held various camps in places not just in Delhi. We are on same time also in the process on helping the needy in solving legal, medical, social and any other problems through the various concerned ministries in the areas where they are affected. We have been successful in this effort. The focus of the organization for arranging camps to give awareness to the people in different topics. This organization give importance on women empowerment, child and youth development, agriculture development, health and nutrition, energy, pollution, environment, indigenous people with rural and urban development and many more. Please read our website.


Frequently Asked Questions on Funding

Category: Funding

Where does Navjivan Foundation get its funding?

Navjivan Foundation relies on voluntary financial contributions for all its work. Funding for Navjivan Foundation comes from contributions by members, volunteers, corporations, organizations and individuals. If you would like to make a financial contribution to Navjivan Foundation, please visit the Support us page.

How do I apply for funding, grants, or scholarships?

Navjivan Foundation does not provide scholarships; grant or funds. In needed the members of this organization study the file and survey on it and after if needed and the case related to social, legal and medical nature request to some organization, members, volunteers, corporations, local govt. and individuals for assistance to that people. In the same time if needed his/her application send to the concern department.

What is S.Sangita Construction?

Navjivan Foundation some members and volunteers have good knowledge in the fields of building construction work. So S.Sangita Construction is made under the organization for financially supporting to the social work and called sister concern. The work done in the construction after fulfillment all working criteria some little amount of profit donate to the Navjivan Foundation. It is called self funding.

What is PBS Communication?

Navjivan Foundation social research group is continuing with the experts functionaries have more than years experience in the different researching companies in India. On corporate research and self funding to organization this team help for this and PBS Communication is another sister concern of Navjivan Foundation. We request to companies please help organization for corporate research.

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Involved

Category: Getting Involved

How can I get involved to support Navjivan Foundation?

There are several ways to support the work of Navjivan Foundation: Join in volunteer’s group of Navjivan Foundation. Donate to Navjivan Foundation. Try to open regional office in your locality and help to need people and collect public grievances for giving proper justice to them with giving awareness provide by organization.

My organization would like to franchise with Navjivan Foundation. Whom do I contact?

If your organization is located in of Navjivan Foundation’s area come direct to office or you may, please send a formal letter to our headquarters with your all govt. regd. formalities:

Navjivan Foundation

252.Nazar Singh Place

2nd Floor, Plot No.-S-11

Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash

New Delhi-110065 (India)

Frequently Asked Questions on Event

Category: Events

How can I invite a Navjivan Foundation volunteers or member to speak at my conference or event?

Due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we can honour only a limited number of them. Please send a formal letter on your organization's letterhead to:

Navjivan Foundation

252.Nazar Singh Place
2nd Floor, Plot No.-S-11
Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash
New Delhi-110065 (India)

Frequently Asked Questions on Contact Information

Category: Contact Information

How Can I Contact Navjivan Foundation?

To contact Navjivan Foundation offices, see our Contacts page or direct communicate to:

Navjivan Foundation
252.Nazar Singh Place
2nd Floor, Plot No.-S-11 Sant Nagar,
East Of Kailash New Delhi-110065

I am looking for a former/present staff member. Could you give me his/her phone number or e-mail address?

Navjivan Foundation staff members are not authorized to provide contact information of former or present staff members. You may direct your inquiry to the Navjivan Foundation (Tel:91-11-26238444), or in writing to Navjivan Foundation, 252.Nazar Singh Place,2nd Floor, Plot No.-S-11 Sant Nagar, East Of Kailash , New Delhi-110065 or regional offices at the addresses provided on the Contacts page.

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Inquiries

Category: Website Inquiries

Please add a reciprocal link to our website from your Links section.

We can only provide links on the Navjivan Foundation website to a limited number of organizations and online resources that are closely related to organization work. Requests for reciprocal links will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and if appropriate, they will be added to the Links section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Compare

Category: Compare

Is it similar to other organization working for social service?

There is thousand of non profit organization working in special character like on children, women, and environment etc. but the Navjivan Foundation has several accumulated activities and its special activity in the world is pubic grievances along with Human Rights with awareness. So this organization in the world is first organization in this nature.

Frequently Asked Questions on Awareness

Category: Awareness

What is awareness programme and how it done?

Awareness programme conduct by its volunteers and members in the different area across the country and through the electronic systems different part of the world in different topic from health to environment etc. In India Navjivan Foundation has great volunteers’ member to fulfill this programme. The volunteers have great effort in awareness programme and they have reach in from doctors to lawyers and students to farmers in this programme.

Frequently Asked Questions on Research

Category: Research

What is Research of navjivan Foundation?

Research of Navjivan Foundation conducted in two way social and corporate research. Navjivan it self in social research and its sister concern PBS Communication in the corporate research. Both of its research control by its experience staff and good management.

Frequently Asked Questions on Monitoring

Category: Monitoring

How monitoring or counseling service done by organization?

Monitoring or Counseling of Navjivan Foundation conduct by its volunteers and members. The organization believes to settlement any cases with compromising between the parties by counseling or monitoring. The organization is most success in this effort.

Frequently Asked Questions on Future Plan

Category: Future Plan

What is the Future plan of the organization?

Navjivan Foundation has several future plans: 1. Make a Orphan Home For the Poor & Helpless Pupils.

2. Promote Good & Computer Education With Yoga, Culture, Exercises Etc..

3. Develop the Health Standard Of Pupils With Introducing Best Doctors.

4. Arrange Well Playground for Well Physical Fitness Of pupils.

5. Hospital.

6. Home for widow women and girls.

7. Old age home.



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